Band exchange Kiel - Brest (English Version)

Since three years it exists – the band exchange between Kiel and Brest. This year I’ve got the chance to be a part of the great intercultural project.

Created by Arne Eichberg and Leocadie Creach the exchange was already a complete success in the first year. Supported by the capital Kiel, the DFJW and the Centre Culturel Français de Kiel the project allows young bands/musicans of Schleswig-Holstein to travel to Brest have a concert on the festival “Les pétarades” – organized by voluntaries.

Responsible in Germany is the Kieler Jugendring e.V. – this year especially Eva Reinhardt. Just missing a photograph she asked me to join the group – my first real foreign assignment 😝. Next to Eva and her sister Nina the nice guys of Elvis Dies Tomorrow (Julius, Öddl, Jören and Steini) were with us.

With two full packed rent cars we started at April the 16th our journey: 1.500 km to Brest. After 19 hours of driving we arrived and were made welcome from the boys and girls of the Fédé B.  An eventful week started…

Two day later there was a planned gig in front of the canteen of the University of Brest. Surely it was one of the reasons some of the people visited them on the festival – maybe also because of the tiger costume 😜

The first music session of the guys was really spontaneous. We drove to the beach packed with guitar and djembe. The atmosphere was universally lively. Jören build a rattle out of a bottle filled with peanuts. The music could start. After a short time there were some viewers and dancing kids which rewarded the guys with applause.

Obviously the highlight of the journey was the appearance at the “Les pétarades”. Elvis Dies Tomorrow played in front of more than thousand people und performed very great.

It was my task to document this (and so much more) photographically. Because of the different genres of photography the choice of the equipment to take with me wasn’t easy. Not much space in the car – so I choose two camera bodies and five fast lenses. For band portraits and shootings at the rehearsal room (which I also did) I took my “little” flash equipment – two hot-shoe flashes, two lamp tripods, clamps und some more stuff for light forming. My MacBook was also with me to post some pic immediatly on the social channels and to choose the first pictures.





The day after the festival Nina, Öddl and I had to leave Brest. After 16 hours of driving we were happy to see the town sign of Kiel.

The week in France was an awesome and hopefully not a one-time experience.  The week enriched me and I’m very thankful about being a part of it.

But after Brest means before Kiel 😋 The French guys visited us at the Kieler Woche. At the “Soundcheck-Friday” Leo, Sharly and Audrey from the Fédé B – Ronan, Antoine, Paul, the members of Roszalie and their companions Ronan and Guillaume reached Kiel after a long driving. In France I lived at a flat of a Fédé B member - of course there was no doubt that I would welcome some French in our home.  So three  (to five 😄) guys lived at our flat during the Kieler Woche.

The week was full of nice activities. During the first weekend the “Playground” was on focus (I will write something about it in another article). We had the possibility to taste original French crepes made by Leo, Sharly and Audrey.  At the beginning of the week the two concerts of Roszalie were on the program.

On Monday we went to the “Kieler-Woche-Zelt”. At three p.m. the three likeable guys Ronan, Paul and Antoine started their performance. Despite the early hour some viewers find their way into the tent and were rewarded by a good show of Roszalie. And I’ve got the chance to shoot on a bigger stage.

In the evening all of us went to the “Junge Bühne” to see the appearance of Elvis Dies Tomorrow. Although it was raining the people in front of the stage were dancing and celebrating. After a common picture of the two bands my work was finished and we went to our flat to enjoy the end of the German-French evening.

On tuesday Roszalie performed at the “Junge Bühne”. After the “Poetry Slam” the three guys started their show, which attracted a big audience at late hours. Everyone had fun, in front of the stage the people were dancing. Because of the perpetual great light set-up in this stage I took some nice pictures of the concert. The evening ended at the backstage area - without a camera.

Obviously our guest shouldn’t just see the stages and the “Playground” but also the nice sides of Kiel and its surrounding. That was the reason why Pia, Franzi and I went to Laboe together with our French guests and also with Jören and Julius of Elvis Dies Tomorrow – in proper style with a ferry. After a walk along the promenade we reached the U-boat and the monument of Laboe, which we explored in smaller groups. At the end we met us all on the top of the monument to enjoy the great view and took a mandatory picture of the whole group before we went back to Kiel.

In the evening we met again at the “Junge Bühne” to see the performance of The Right Season (the German exchange band of the last year).

Something that can’t be missed was a city tour of Kiel. Friday morning we came together at the town hall for a guided tour “en Français” 😉. And also the Kieler part of the group learned some new things – I didn’t know that there’s a “real” Dali in the town hall. Afterwards we went to the “Playground”-area and I took some picture of Roszalie. After pizza and siting in the sun the band members met with Jören and Julius to make some music together. I’m really excited for the results. That is a living band exchange.

On Saturday Eva went with the French to the “Windjammerparade” while I worked at the “Playgound”-studio again.






After a quiet evening on Saturday and a communal breakfast with all people on Sunday it was time so say “Au revoir!”.




The band exchange 2016 was over. 😢

Finally I can say, that these were two awesome weeks and I just want to say THANK YOU to:




Eva Reinhardt: At first for making me part of the team! For the organization of the band exchange! You gave so much energy and enthusiasm to this project and just infected us all with your love for this exchange program. Thanks a lot!


The Kieler Jugendring e.V., the capital Kiel, the DFJW, the Centre Culturel Français de Kiel and the city of Brest for the financial support of this great project.


The Fédé B for the festival “Les pétarades” and their lighting engineer who really did a good job.


Elvis Dies Tomorrow: Julius, Öddl, Jören & Steini, you are great guys and it was a pleasure to work with you! Just keep it up!


Nina Reinhardt: You and your sister Eva sweetened my time in Brest (just saying croissant)


Leo &Pauline: Thanks for your support and guided tour of Brest!

Sharly (our little princess) & Audrey for the fantastic crepes


Roszalie: Thanks a lot that you (and your attendants) were our guests. If international understanding would always be like this there would be no reason for stupid and unneeded disputes! Ronan, Antoine, Paul, Ronan no. 2 & Guillaume – you are always welcome at our home!


Franzi: Thanks for your help! Without you I’m nothing!

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